About US

Our Journey: Bridging the Gap for Global Success

  • YourPedia Global is a dynamic joint venture initiated by accomplished alumni from prestigious institutions, including IIT and leading global universities.
  • We recognized a significant gap in guiding Indian students toward global success, sparking our mission to empower the next generation.

Our Mission: Mentoring Global Achievers

  • YourPedia Global is on a clear mission to provide comprehensive guidance and mentorship to students who aspire to secure academic positions in the world's top QS-ranked universities.

Who We Are: Alumni-Powered Expertise

  • Our team comprises accomplished alumni who have successfully navigated the complex journey of global education.
  • We're dedicated to sharing our personal experiences, knowledge, and expertise with the next generation of global achievers.

Our Vision: Unlocking Potential

  • We believe in the immense talent within India and are determined to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to compete globally.

The YourPedia Difference: Your Path to Success

  • YourPedia Global is the catalyst for change. We empower students with mentorship, guidance, and resources to secure academic positions in prestigious global universities.

Join Our Global Network: Your Success Awaits

  • Joining YourPedia Global means becoming part of a supportive global network. Our community of alumni, educators, and students is committed to helping you achieve global excellence.

PhD/ Direct PhD

1000+ Selection with More than 200 Selection in 2023


1500+ Selection

No. of Students Enrolled- 4500

94.3% Got GRE SCORE more than 310

No. of Students Enrolled- 3500

93% Got more than 7.5 BAND

Life at YourPedia Global

Explore our vibrant community and get a glimpse into life at YourPedia Global. See the faces behind the mission, our students in action, and the moments that make our journey special. Join us in celebrating life and learning at YourPedia Global.

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YourPedia Global provides the best Online consultancy for Foreign Admission in courses like MS, MEng, PG Diploma, PhD, Post-doc and also helps in writing SOP, Technical essay, Motivation letter, Diversity essay, Cover letter, CV/Resume, Research Proposal, University shortlisting, Professor shortlisting, emails to professors, scholarship and Interview Preparation.